Courtesy Car

On behalf of the Mayor, City Council and the Hebron Municipal Airport Authority, welcome to Hebron. We hope you will enjoy your stay in our City and will take advantage of our local stores, restaurants and businesses. We are pleased to provide you with the use of an airport courtesy car for your convenience. In order to use the car, you must read the following (“The Usage Policy”), provide a few details, and then sign the reverse side of this document. Above all, be aware that we offer the use of the car as a convenience, and the City of Hebron and Airport Authority accept neither responsibility nor liability for your use of the car. In other words, you are responsible for any damage to the courtesy car, and also for all possible claims and actions as a result of you using the car.

Download the requirements and agreement / contract for our Courtesy Car

Requirements for the use of the courtesy car

• The airport courtesy car is provided for use by fly-in visitors to Hebron Municipal Airport.
• In order to use the car, you must:
• Be over 21-years of age.
• Hold a valid USA driver’s license.
•Have current auto insurance.
•Provide a phone number on which you may be contacted during the usage period.
• Sign the reverse side of this document indicating that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions of use.
•Complete the travel log when you return the car.

Limitations on the use of the courtesy car

•Only those who have read and signed a copy of this document may drive the courtesy car.
• Use of the car is in on a first-come-first-served basis. It is generally not possible to reserve the car, except for overnight usage, see later.
• The car can generally be used for a period of up to 2-hours and for trips within the area of the City of Hebron.
• It may be possible to use the car for longer durations and distances, at the discretion of a member of the Hebron Airport Authority. Names and phone numbers of Authority members are listed on
• When using the car, you agree to follow all applicable laws of the State in which you are driving. You are fully and solely responsible for all fines and/or legal actions that may result from your use of the courtesy car.

Overnight the use of the courtesy car

• It may be possible for fly-in visitors to reserve the courtesy car for an overnight stay in the Hebron area – that is, if you stay with friends or family in the Hebron area, or you stay at one of the Motels in the City of Hebron.
• Such a reservation must be made at least 24-hours in advance with a member of the Hebron Airport Authority (see, who will inform the other members in order to avoid conflicts.
• Overnight use of the car is limited to one night, between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00am. If you require the use of a car for longer periods, please use a rental car.
• You are required to give the name/address of the location of your overnight stay on the form below.
Costs for use of the courtesy car
• The courtesy car is provided as a convenience – it is not a rental or hire car.
• There is no implied cost for the use of the car, but donations and/or refueling would be appreciated.
• Please leave your donations (or fuel receipt) in the envelope provided in this binder.