Airport History

Hebron Municipal Airport Historical Timeline

June 1940
Hebron businessmen begin planning for an airport and a ground school to train civilian pilots.

Approved a level location on 160 acres leased from Mrs. Zutter, who lived in Chicago, Illinois.
Hebron businessmen took on the $200-300 residual expenses after crop revenue was accounted for.
Tenant E.L. Wehrbein cut the grain for three runways.
The ground school curriculum was established with Sam Stull as flight operator and Professor Hofstad as instructor.

Hebron Municipal Airport opens

First hangar is built.

The Hebron Flying Club is incorporated by Dr. Louis Bunting, M.L. Christensen, Ray Mieth, and Jack Stewart. Tad Tietjen of Byron was an original member. Harley Grone of Davenport and Dr. R.E. Penry and Dr. John Butler of Hebron also joined.

Second hangar is built.

Third hangar is built.

Fourth hangar is built.

A 3500-square-foot administration building is built to include office space, a pilots lounge, and a public conference room.
The airport’s first 60-foot cement runway is installed.
New lights are installed.
An automated weather observation system is implemented.

Maintenance building built to house the biflex tractor, snow blower, and mowing equipment.

Trees were removed from around the airport.

A new fueling system was installed with self-serve credit card pumps. Hebron Municipal Airport now allows refueling of Jet A Fuel, as well as 100 low lead aviation fuel. Funded by FAA.

FAA funded a new beacon that tilts down for repairs and allows pilots to see it from 25 miles.

Updated the concrete runway and sealed the track for another 20 years.

Thanks to a grant, we cleaned out debris from Spring Creek to minimize the potential for flooding.
A cooperative agreement is made with Wells Flying Services to build a new hangar at the airport during the fall months for their agricultural spraying planes.

2023 Fall Lighting Project
A $385,000 runway light project is 90% funded by FAA, with the airport matching 10%. The expected downtime for the project is from September 1st to October 15th.

Compiled in part, thanks to the article “Airport to Celebrate Years of Service,” published in the Hebron Journal Register on September 26, 2018. Information gathered from the article here in August 2023: